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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Open Letter to Our Students and Teachers, in Preparation for Sunday

To our cherished students and staff, While the past few weeks leading up to the Southern Paradise Ball have been crazy (to say the least!) and find us running around like mad, we never fail to appreciate the magnitude of what has been accomplished. The Southern Paradise Ball was conceived based on the belief that a student, teacher, or studio owner should not be forced to choose between a top-notch, high-caliber, white-glove event, and an event where sportsmanship, fun, and friendliness were a priority. Prior to the SPB, an event as such did not exist in our industry. Sick of being forced to choose, we decided to create our own event, in direction conflict to the warnings our friends in the industry were giving. Three incredibly successful years later, we are still in awe at the power of a dream. To our amateur competitors - Your pursuit of excellence and desire to push yourselves beyond expectation is what motivates US as pro's to keep pushing! Year after year, we watch you leave your "everyday" selves at the door and take to the floor of our elegant ballroom as the epitome of grace, sophistication, drive, and talent. Without you, we don't our dreams could never take flight. We will spend the day Sunday in amazement of what you are capable of. To our spectating family - Come loud, cheer with gusto! The sidelines are a HUGE part of creating an enthusiastic and exciting room! We are so thrilled to be able to provide you with the opportunity to see and experience such an incredible event. To our DSC Pros - We say all the time, but don't know if anyone could possibly understand the magnitude of the word when we use it, we are SO PROUD of you. You give with your whole hearts and that is more than we could ever ask. DSC is more than a company or even a studio to you, it is who you are and your family name. You represent it with dignity and pride always. We are so blessed to call each of you our "kids". To Bradley & Tony - While we don't generally like to set apart staff members, it was hard to imagine this letter without a special note for you both. When we made the transition from focusing on our own careers as teachers and pros, to becoming studio owners, you are both exactly what we did it for. As we have watched you grow as dancers, teachers, and people over the years, our decision has been confirmed so many times over. At this point, you are so deeply woven into the structure of our lives and DSC, it is hard to see where we end and you begin. You bring us GREAT joy and are amazing examples to newer members of our family. Light up the floor this weekend as you both always do. In dance, Thomas & Elizabeth Malvasia

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Friends and Family Night"

A big thank you to the many students who "shared the magic" of DSC with their friends and loved ones the past two Fridays nights! Our studios were packed full of people in awe of all the fun, energy, and excitement housed between our four walls! It was wonderful to be able to see your friends and family see YOU in pursuit of your life's passion and hobby! Nearly $400 in prizes were given away to students and guests!

Our studios were packed full of people "experiencing the magic" of DSC!

The dance floor was packed all night long!

Monday, April 4, 2011

DSC's Elizabeth Malvasia to Fill Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte's Libraries!

While for some people acts of charity are random, for DanceSport Carolina and its owners Thomas and Elizabeth Malvasia, they are all part of a day's work. Known for their support of various local charities and organizations, they are excited to be taking on what could be their biggest goal yet. After partnering with the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte earlier this year, Elizabeth Malvasia began planning various fundraising events and efforts for the year, the first of which is less than two weeks away.

Sunday, April 17th will mark the 4th annual Southern Paradise Ball. And to celebrate four years of professionals and amateurs from across the SouthEast coming together in pursuit of prestigious Southern Paradise Championship Titles, Thomas and Elizabeth have decided to use their well-known event as a means of raising awareness of the house's needs. Currently, the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte has two on-site libraries for their families which are empty. Thomas and Elizabeth Malvasia have made it their personal goal to fill both libraries by April 17th! The Ronald McDonald House will be collecting books all day at the event, and will formally "recieve" the donations during a black-tie dinner that evening.

For more information on how you can help support the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte, email Elizabeth Malvasia (elizabeth@dancesportcarolina.com). For more information on the Southern Paradise Ball, visit http://www.southernparadiseball.com/.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DSC Pro Takes Open Rhythm Championship Title Home to DSC!

DSC certainly left its mark on Georgia this weekend! DanceSport Carolina pros Lauren Kingsley, Steven Guyler, and Anthony McKnight exited the ballroom to a STANDING OVATION at the conclusion of championship events this past Saturday! What makes the ovation even more impressive? Those cheering were students, teachers, and owners of OTHER studios! "That's just the magic of DSC", explains pro Anthony McKnight (the weekend's Open Rhythm Champion) "its not enough to be the best on the dance floor. Thats only part of it. We want to be the best representatives of a company and brand that stands for character, decorum, integrity, and excellence in an industry where those qualities are waaay undervalued". Perhaps there is something to the "whole package" mentality held by DanceSport Carolina and exemplified by Tony. He walked away from the weekend with a score sheet full of golds and the event's Open Rhythm Championship title. Those who are fortunate enough to see him in training or were in attendance on Saturday know why! When asked his secret? "I just try to give 110% to everything, every time. Every dance, every practice, every student, every routine. Its how I attack everything I do, and I guess it pays off". Pay off it did!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

DSC Takes the Georgia Star Ball by Storm!

DSC Pro's Steven Guyler, Lauren Kingsley, and Anthony McKnight, along with DSC amateur Elise' Marshallova traveled to Atlanta, Georgia this weekend in order to bring home some more of what DanceSport Carolina likes best....GOLD!! Competing in everything from open Foxtrot, Waltz, Vienesse Waltz, Rumba, ChaCha, Swing and Mambo heats to Ballroom and Latin Championships, the two couples are bringing the heat that DSC is known for! In an quick phone-call from Lauren, she shared how "overwhelming it is to see the magic of DSC spread and fill even an outside ballroom. Within a few heats, other studio's spectators were cheering for US!" Known best for its top-notch dancing and first-class sportsmanship, DSC dancers surely leave an impression where ever they go! Final rankings and scores will be posted here at the weekend's conclusion! Go Team DSC!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

DSC and Ronald McDonald House Charlotte!

From day one of their life-changing venture opening DanceSport Carolina, Thomas and Elizabeth Malvasia were sure of one thing, they wanted their business to be more than simply a place to learn the waltz, foxtrot, rumba, or chacha, they wanted it to be a pillar of the community. From its earliest days, DanceSport Carolina has supported numerous charities and organizations. One DSC student says, "It doesn't matter what the cause, Thomas and Elizabeth ALWAYS donate and so generously. From small, church based drives to bigger and more high-profile events and charities, they are quick to volunteer their time, talent, and resources".

With the growth and success of DanceSport Carolina, including its expanding with a second studio location in the Lake Wylie/ Ft Mill area and ownership of TWO NDCA-sanctioned ballroom dancesport championships, Thomas and Elizabeth realized they were in a position to really make a difference.

"I have always felt that success should be less about what it can do for your own pride and self-image, and more about what it allows you to do for your fellow man and community" says Elizabeth Malvasia. Thomas adds, "Someday, I will pass DanceSport Carolina down to my children, and when I do, I want to pass with it a legacy of community involvement and compassion".

The building of a new Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte seemed the perfect opportunity to get involved at the root of a charity. Thomas and Elizabeth, along with their DanceSport Carolina staff wasted no time in coming up with ways to get involved. The first of which will coincide with their spring event "The Southern Paradise Ball". Attendants of the event are asked to bring adult and children's fiction books with them to donate to the house, with the goal of FILLING the house's two libraries. "I don't want to generate some books. I want to personally fill both libraries" says Elizabeth Malvasia. "DSC students are the greatest! They are driven, passionate, and caring. I know when presented with an opportunity to give back, they are going to do so with a vengance!"

For more information on how you or others can assist in DanceSport Carolina's efforts, call their main office at 704 299 4003 and ask for Thomas or Elizabeth Malvasia. For information on the Southern Paradise Ball, where a drop-off will be running all day April 17th, visit http://www.southernparadiseball.com/.

Stay tuned for more updates on how DSC is not only getting involved in, but changing their community!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Big Band in the Big Easy" Photo Teasers...

The band!

The evening's hosts and DanceSport Carolina owners, Thomas & Elizabeth!

Crawfish pie!

An extra-peppy Linday Hop!

Some of the first guests to arrive...

Many more photos and video to come! Check back for updates! Also, for more photos and to experience the party from the eyes (and cameras!) of our students, visit: www.facebook.com/dancesportcarolina
Up next on the DSC event schedule is the "Southern Paradise Ball" Dancesport Championship, April 17th, 2011 at the Ballantyne Resort and Spa in Charlotte! One of only two NDCA-sanctioned Ballroom and Latin dance championships in Charlotte, both hosted by DSC owners Thomas and Elizabeth!
For more information visit: www.southernparadiseball.com
DanceSport Carolina's next live music dance event is the "Sizzlin Salsa" party in June! Stay tuned for more information!