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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Open Letter to Our Students and Teachers, in Preparation for Sunday

To our cherished students and staff, While the past few weeks leading up to the Southern Paradise Ball have been crazy (to say the least!) and find us running around like mad, we never fail to appreciate the magnitude of what has been accomplished. The Southern Paradise Ball was conceived based on the belief that a student, teacher, or studio owner should not be forced to choose between a top-notch, high-caliber, white-glove event, and an event where sportsmanship, fun, and friendliness were a priority. Prior to the SPB, an event as such did not exist in our industry. Sick of being forced to choose, we decided to create our own event, in direction conflict to the warnings our friends in the industry were giving. Three incredibly successful years later, we are still in awe at the power of a dream. To our amateur competitors - Your pursuit of excellence and desire to push yourselves beyond expectation is what motivates US as pro's to keep pushing! Year after year, we watch you leave your "everyday" selves at the door and take to the floor of our elegant ballroom as the epitome of grace, sophistication, drive, and talent. Without you, we don't our dreams could never take flight. We will spend the day Sunday in amazement of what you are capable of. To our spectating family - Come loud, cheer with gusto! The sidelines are a HUGE part of creating an enthusiastic and exciting room! We are so thrilled to be able to provide you with the opportunity to see and experience such an incredible event. To our DSC Pros - We say all the time, but don't know if anyone could possibly understand the magnitude of the word when we use it, we are SO PROUD of you. You give with your whole hearts and that is more than we could ever ask. DSC is more than a company or even a studio to you, it is who you are and your family name. You represent it with dignity and pride always. We are so blessed to call each of you our "kids". To Bradley & Tony - While we don't generally like to set apart staff members, it was hard to imagine this letter without a special note for you both. When we made the transition from focusing on our own careers as teachers and pros, to becoming studio owners, you are both exactly what we did it for. As we have watched you grow as dancers, teachers, and people over the years, our decision has been confirmed so many times over. At this point, you are so deeply woven into the structure of our lives and DSC, it is hard to see where we end and you begin. You bring us GREAT joy and are amazing examples to newer members of our family. Light up the floor this weekend as you both always do. In dance, Thomas & Elizabeth Malvasia

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  1. Hear, hear! Applause, applause. We are so disappointed that we can't be there to spectate this year. It's a good thing, actually, that pulls us away, and we're happy to help where we're needed this weekend. Nonetheless, we are sad to miss the amazing show & miss being part of the gusto on the sidelines. We were looking forward to cheering on every member of the DSC family out there on the floor. We fervently hope we'll be able to make it back on Sunday in time to take part in the gala evening of Southern Paradise Ball!